Australian OwnFone Launched today!

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The OwnFone family is expanding with the launch of the OwnFone in Australia on the 9th April 2014!

We’re very excited about bringing OwnFone to Australia and working with our new partner, Brad Scoble, Director of OwnFone Australia & NZ.

Brad said, “OwnFone was specifically designed with kids and seniors in mind. Without a screen, users can only make and receive phone calls. It is Australia’s simplest mobile phone with no texting, internet, apps, gamesphotovideo, or camera.

As occurred in the UK, seniors and children have been largely ignored by the telco industry for too long. OwnFone provides a much-needed balance to smartphones. It recognises that in certain situations or times in life, you need light, small, and simple, rather than bulky and complicated.

“We feel that there is a clear need for simple phones to balance the proliferation of complex smartphones, so our younger and elderly generations can remain connected to their loved ones – and that is what OwnFone is all about.”

The OwnFone is a mini, light, low cost mobile phone that just calls the people you need.

Simply press the name or photograph of the person you want to call. OwnFone comes in a range of colourful designs so there’s an OwnFone to suit everyone.

For more information contact OwnFone Australia on 1300 OWNFONE (1300 696 363) or e-mail

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